The Colfax Fire Department is committed to assisting our Community by providing fire and life safety education and resources in order to reduce losses to life and property. Our programs are managed by the Departments Fire and Life Safety Committee.


Fire Station Tours

The public is always welcome to stop by and visit! Our staff will be happy to provide a tour of the fire station and answer any questions you may have. We are able to schedule fire station tours for larger groups such as schools, churches and community organizations. Visits to our station will include a tour of our facilities, review of the fire trucks and general discussion on what life is like for our department members.

Elementary School Program

We proudly serve Colfax Elementary School with a program designed to introduce the firefighter as a friend. The students learn about the equipment a firefighter must wear to protect them in a fire, and to not be afraid of the firefighter. They learn and practice staying low in smoke when a smoke alarm is sounding. Stop, drop and roll. We also teach students how to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Smoke Detector Program

for our older adult population and those requesting services the Colfax Fire Department manages a smoke detector program. We will install the proper number of smoke detectors in your home and verify proper operation twice a year. We genuinely look forward to visiting with this group each year. It carries on a long standing tradition with our members to take care of those who have given so much to the Colfax/Sandy Ridge Community!

Fire and Life Safety Events

Our Department hosts a fire and life safety event in the fall and spring of each year at the Triad Farmers Market. This event allows our department members a chance to interact with the community and share information to improve citizen life safety.

Blood Pressure Checks

Colfax Fire Department personnel are available seven days a week to take blood pressure readings for free. Residents can stop by our main station located at 9414 West Market Street from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Residents should ring the doorbell located near the main entrance. No appointment is necessary. There will be times when the firefighters will be out of the station. If the crew is away from the station, check back at a later time.

For more information on these or other programs contact Colfax Fire Department at (336) 993-4931