Ending of an Era of Fire Service

In the spirit of ensuring full transparency and for the sake of dispelling rumors we want to take a moment and update the citizens of our community on a plan for ensuring long range protection for fire, medical and rescue responses. We are confident that this plan maintains provisions for a service level at or above the level that everyone deserves and are accustomed to.

The Board of Directors of the Colfax Volunteer Fire Department Inc. are working through the process of dissolution. In this dissolution plan the Town of Kernersville Fire and Rescue Department will fully staff the Colfax fire station and become the primary provider for emergent and non-emergent calls within the Colfax fire district. From an operational aspect they will continue working with the surrounding departments ensuring the most expedient response just as we have done for many years. This decision has not been one that was made for any reason other than ensuring the protection of our citizens remained at the forefront.

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